Responsive Custom Website Design

We know that deciding on the type of website you need can be a somewhat confusing and tiring process. Most businesses know they need a website but are unsure of exactly what they need or even where to start.

All our websites are responsive but what does that mean? A responsive website scales its content according to the size of the device it’s being viewed on. For an example, you may try it using our website. Simply visit our site on your smart phone, tablet, or iPad. Additionally, you may resize your browser window to make it smaller. While performing any of these steps, you can see what happens. A responsive website has the ability to reshape or resize according to the device it is being viewed on.

Our website design process consists of 5 easy phases. This helps our customers prepare for each individual phase in steps ensuring that you do not get overwhelmed trying to come up with everything for your new website at once!

Discovery - Getting to know your business, understanding your goals and assessing your competition. This the the most crucial of the 5 phases.
Design - Designing your business! Using the most recent technology, we design and build your site, ensuring to provide you with the vision you conveyed to us.
Review - We provide you with a fully functioning mockup of your website. During this time, you will review the entire site and send to us any and all changes to be made.
Deployment - We introduce your site to the world! After quality assurance, your site is transitioned to an officially live website. We then submit your site to all major search engines.
Maintenance - Simply having a website is not enough. A consistently updated site is crucial to the life of your business. Take advantage of our maintenance plans!

Included With Our Websites

Aside from our responsive website design, other important features are included in our custom website designs. A common question asked is regarding SEO or will my website be seen on Google. How your website is design can certainly affect your online presence or how you are seen and found on all major search engines. This means that your site needs to be able to be found by those "robots" in order for your website to be indexed.

As a result, all our websites are designed and optimized to produce the best results for search engine ranking. Other key features of our designs and what you receive with each website, may be seen below.

  • 100% Responsive

    All our designs are 100% responsive. Whether you are looking at your new site on a desktop, tablet or phone, you know that it will look good no matter what!

  • Complete Custom Design

    No cookie cutter templates! We design all our websites from scratch based on the input received from you during the discovery phase. If you have a vision, we make it happen!

  • seo & speed

    Loading speed is a crucial part of the SEO aspect. Speed & bounce rates are a very important metric that Google uses in determining a site's ranking. We help ensure your new site loads in a flash!

  • user friendly

    We specialize in Wordpress Website Design. All our custom websites are designed in the Wordpress platform to ensure a user friendly environment for those that would like to maintain their new website post design.

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